Presentations and Media Appearances

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How Kids Absorb Politics. KCUR Up to Date. January 4, 2022.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective College Teachers. University of Kansas Budig Teaching Professor Lecture. October 29, 2020.

Authentic Assignments. University of Kansas Teaching Summit. August 20, 2020.

Getting Political: Strategies for Teaching About Elections and Other Current Political Events. University of Kansas School of Education Strategies Series. February 22, 2020.

Using Class Time Effectively. In Context Podcast. February 2020.

Taking an Inclusive Approach to Teaching. In Context Podcast. February 2020.

Using Backward Design in Teaching. In Context Podcast. January 2020.

Using Scaffolding for Course and Assignment Design. In Context Podcast. April 2019.

Overview: Toward a Developmental Psychology of Politics. Monograph Matters. September 10, 2019.

Meagan Patterson, associate professor of educational psychology at KU, talked about her study on children’s books and politics. WIBW. August 2, 2019.

Children’s Literature as a Vehicle for Political Socialization: An Examination of Best-Selling Picture Books 2013-2017 (starts at 39:14). University of Kansas EDTalks Research & Teaching Festival. April 19, 2018.

Assessing Understanding. In Context Podcast. April 2018.

Using Out-of-Class Time Effectively. In Context Podcast. April 2018.

Newbies, Old Hands, and Those in Between: Effective Teaching for Students with Varying Levels of Prior Knowledge and Experience. University of Kansas Edwards Campus Professional Development Series. September 19, 2017.

The Value of a Single-Gender Education. KCUR. September 29, 2016.

The Importance of Play. KCUR. April 15, 2014.

Race and Gender in The Elections: How Children Are Affected. KCUR. February 12, 2013.

Witnesses to History: Children’s Views of Race and the 2008 United States Presidential Election. January 22, 2013.

University of Kansas Professor Profile. January 18, 2013.

Media Coverage of Research

Study finds empathy training improves mother-child relationships, life satisfaction. KU News. May 9, 2022.

KU leading program to bring teachers into research labs, design education to draw diverse scholars to engineering. KU News. August 5, 2021.

How to talk about the election with your kids. New York Times. October 30, 2020.

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Researchers find youths knowledgeable about politics. KU News. September 16, 2019.

Study examines how picture books introduce kids to politics, portray leaders, issues, democracy. KU News. July 30, 2019.

Women’s gender-related attitudes predicted support for ’16 candidates, study finds. KU News. February 28, 2018.

Undergraduate research mentor spotlight. KU Center for Undergraduate Research. February 1, 2018.

Survey gauges teachers’ beliefs about intelligence, ability, effort; how they can influence learning. KU News. October 26, 2016.

Are single-sex schools a good idea for young boys and girls? Women in Academia Report. October 21, 2014.

Study: Single-gender schools may lead to stereotyping. KU News. October 10, 2014.

What you can learn about prejudice by putting kids in different colored shirts. WUOM. April 3, 2013.

Study reflects children’s opinions on race, presidential elections. KU News. January 17, 2013.

Professor’s study examines why people choose same-sex schools. KU News. March 30, 2012.

Even babies discriminate. Newsweek. September 14, 2009.

Girls need to see women rise to political power. Women’s Media Center. January 12, 2009.